To weigh daily or not to weigh daily…that is the question…

To weigh daily or not to weigh daily….that is the question….

All the experts say you should only weigh once a week at most and that sounds like a good idea. But I just can’t do that! I admit it – I am addicted to my scale! I tried to find a way to take my scale with me when we went on vacation – but it just wouldn’t fit in my suitcase! Except for those 5 days, I weigh every day – morning and night. Doing so keeps me accountable to myself. Of course, the scale sometimes moves up and down day to day so I have had to train myself to not get bent out of shape over the increases when I know I have kept within my macros/calories and have not cheated. I just remind myself that those small increases will go down again in a day or two.

Though I weigh twice a day, I only take measurements once a week. Even on those weeks where the scale doesn’t really move, my measurements almost always decrease. So just remember that the scale is not the only way to measure success – inches matter too!

How often do y’all weigh and take measurements? Are you a scale addict like me? Comment below and let us know how you handle the scale and measurements.