Mini Waffles!

Keto Mini Waffles

Don’t these cute little mini waffles look like Eggo waffles?  They may look like Eggos but they are sooooo much better.  I cook them in double batches, flash freeze then store in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  My college daughter takes them to school with her and when she wants waffles, she just pulls them out of the freezer and pops them in the microwave.  Voila! Homemade waffles in the dorm!

I love this little 4 inch mini waffle maker  from  It cooks great waffles and was a bargain to boot! I have tried a number of waffle and pancake recipes and finally found one that we like best. The Only Keto Pancake/Waffle Recipe I Need (isn’t that a great name for a recipe?) from KetoGirl at TryKetoWith.Me is our favorite. I followed the recipe as written and left out the optional cinnamon and maple extract and the waffles were delicious! I did not have to add any almond milk to thin the batter because my mini waffle maker cooked them in 2-3 minutes so the batter really didn’t have time to thicken up from sitting too long.  I haven’t tried the pancake version of this recipe yet, but will update on the blog when I do.

In KetoGirl’s recipe post, she said that you can use these waffles for sandwiches if you leave out the sweetener.  Of course, you could make breakfast sandwiches from the sweet waffles too.

Let me know if you give these a try!


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